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Still not satisfied with the bump map ... but oh well .. I don't know what else to do vv ....

(First time seriously made sth in ZBrush o0o!!)

Und hier noch das Concept Art daf├╝r xD ...

Platformer Browser Game

Made in class with a bunch of help from Max Kunz!
We had to make a game, so I decided to make a platformer, because it was the first time for me and it seemed to be the easiest to make xD ...
First time for me animating sprites. I think I have to do it again sometime to get better at it ...
It's not perfect and some things still aren't working but feel free to play a bit :3

Dance Animation Blocking W.i.P.

Blocking Prozess

So here the animation we have to do now!
This time we are totaly free what we want to do. It should just be around 30 seconds long of active animation.
So I decided I want to make a little dance :D

Got some references from the world wide web and started.

2nd W.i.P.

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