Dragon Bust

It's a bit older, but my first try to sculpt with this "Super Sculpey" clay.
Here I did just a small armature of one main metal string, and around this another smaller one.
So it used a lot of clay.
I thought, that next time I should make the armature properly, to not use a lot of the clay and let it go to waste~

Not really well done, but I will try to make some more of this :)
But not only dragons.

Majoras Mask Fanart

Progress - The mask itself has 424 Tris, the spikes 1200 ...

I wanted to make something fast to get along with Mudbox.
So I did this little Fanart of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.
It was fast done, but I had to try around with the normal and specular map and with the lightning.

Updated the mask a bit and took the next higher poly, because it looked smoother in most areas.
Now --- Mask: 1272 Tris      Spikes: 1200 Tris

Dream-leaper Mai

Finallay she's ready textured :D
I left the hair this flat, because I liked it this way.

Fully rigged by me and I'm currently animating her.
Just a little short but I wanted to see if the rig turned out okay.

Base mesh untextured
Final model, fully rigged with face morphs and bones in hair and back straps.


Box jump animation for class. Have forgotten to upload it :D

By looking at it a half year later ... I've got to say that I like the beginning to middle part ~ But the end when he jumps down ... he lands somehow wrong ... gah QQ ...

Rig based on Peter Starostin's rig

SOL - 3D animated short film

Finally my 3D short animated film - SOL - is ready.
My first 3D animated short made at Hochschule Trier, Germany.
We had 1 year time to make sth. so I decided to make my own little short film in 3D.

I learned a lot while making this, so I could now achieve a muuuuch better result in a shorter time then this. And I will!
You can see my progress here over time, with a bit better animations, lighting and perspectives.
Still everything could need much more work, but time was short.

Now I know, I can do much better!

Everything was made by me, except a few textures for the environment and the music.
Here you can see a few Screenshots and progress vids for my little school project.

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